Sarah Lee of Sweet Secrets – ‘A Date With Ains’

A Date With Ains

I love meeting people who follow my work on Starting With A and the gorgeous Sarah Lee of Sweet Secrets is one of them! In a typical Hong Kong occurrence, I was co-hosting a Little Alchemy event and Sarah came up to introduce herself and tell me that she follows my blog (which was so […]


Living in Limbo? Here’s The One Thing You Need To Do

Clarity + Confidence
Living in Limbo? Here's The One Thing You Need To Do

Do you feel like you’re living in limbo? Are you in that awkward stage between ‘where you are’ and ‘where you want to be?’ I don’t know if it’s the lunar phases, the weather or just me projecting, but it seems like so many people I talk to feel like they’re in this rather annoying […]


Josephine Lau – ‘A Date With Ains’

A Date With Ains

I know I say all my dates are fun, but my date with Josephine Lau of Centre O, was particularly fun! I don’t know if it’s because we ate ridiculously yummy blueberry muffins, she has such cool interns or the fact that I realised I REALLY judged my accountant (Jo) by her purple cover! (She’s far more than […]


How To Deal With Disappointment and Get Yourself Back On Track

Clarity + Confidence
How To Deal With Disappointmentand Get Yourself Back On Track

Disappointment. It’s probably my least favourite emotion and the one I most struggle to deal with. We all face disappointment throughout our lives. Unfortunately it’s something we can’t avoid. From major set backs to small mishaps, that dreaded feeling is bound to sneak up on you. Perhaps your presentation at work didn’t go as well […]


Corinne Konrad – ‘A Date With Ains’

A Date With Ains

This week’s ‘Date With Ains’ Guest is Feminine Embodiment Practitioner, Corinne Konrad of ‘Raw & Rich.’ If you’re thinking ‘what the heck is a feminine embodiment practitioner?’ don’t worry, I thought the same thing when I first met Corinne at the end of last year! But when I discovered I was expecting a baby I knew […]


Dr. Katherine Dale – ‘A Date With Ains’

A Date With Ains

This week I went on a relaxing and inspiring date at The Vault Cafe, with the lovely Dr. Katherine Dale. Over a few hours Katherine and I discussed her travel adventures which commenced at age 13, her personal and professional fascination with the female reproductive cycle and her super simple (but very effective) way of staying connected to […]


‘Copy That Connects’ Hong Kong – Workshop Wrap Up

Copywriting & Marketing

Clarity. Connection. Confidence…and a big dose of Conversation around Conversion. These words sum up my recent ‘Copy That Connects’ Workshop! I was so thrilled to have 12 amazing small business owners’, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs take part in the workshop. From my point of view it was great to have such engaged, eager and open workshop […]


From Zero To Sold Out: How I Conquered Self-Doubt and Sold Out My First Workshop

Clarity + Confidence
How To Conquer Self Doubt

I wanted to share with you something personal that’s been a great reminder to me – the power of backing yourself and conquering self-doubt. As you may know, I recently hosted my very first copywriting workshop here in Hong Kong… it was pretty fabulous if I do say so myself! I’ve wanted to host a […]


5 Secrets To Writing Quality Content For Your Business, FAST!

Copywriting & Marketing
5 Secrets To Writing High Quality Online Content, FAST

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from clients and other small business owners is, “So how long does it take you to write your newsletter, blog posts, social media updates, e-books etc etc?” As they ask this question a look of pain and anguish spreads across their face. I get it. Creating […]


Sheryl Feniger of Moving Steps – A Date With Ains

A Date With Ains

I’ll admit that Sheryl and I have been on multiple dates over the last year or so, but I finally managed to pin her down and interview her for this week’s ‘A Date With Ains – Soulful chats about clarity, confidence and connection in life and business.’ Sheryl and I caught up over a creamy […]